Vertical Carousel Magnet

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The Spillman Carousel is housed in the Cook Carousel Pavilion off the first floor Galleria, overlooking the Grand River. The Carousel is an iconic piece of downtown Grand Rapids and a family-favorite that has welcomed millions of visitors for the last 25 years. The nearly 100-year-old artifact has been undergoing a major renovation which began in 2017, requiring the Carousel to be dismantled and rebuilt.
The Carousel was manufactured by the Spillman Engineering Company of North Tonawanda, New York in 1928 and is one of only three of its style known to have been produced by the company. It includes a Wurlitzer band organ that plays music as it revolves, and is made up of forty-four hand-carved, elaborately jeweled wooden horses, two chariots and six menagerie animals: a giraffe, whale, deer, goat, tiger and camel.
This button magnet features a lead horse in motion.
Size: 2.5" x 3.5"
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